The What’s Offline column in The New York Times Saturday had several interesting items. One involved the hiring and retaining of executive talent. The other focused on interview tips. Who knows? Doubtful but maybe they are related.

According to the article in The Times, McKinsey & Company published a study 10 years ago, “The War for Talent.” It warned then of a coming executive shortage. Now a newly released report in The McKinsey Quarterly says the problem has “become worse.”

The authors argue that companies face a “demographic landscape dominated by the looming retirement of baby boomers in the developed world and a dearth of young people entering the work force.”

And in the same column there is an interesting summary of an article in Working Mother magazine that gives advice about how tooffline.jpg deal with your …well, personal quirks when interviewing for positions. Do you babble, fidget, wave your hands and say “um” often. Take a look.