Corporate Voices for Working Families and Donna Klein were featured in an article in The Washington Post Sunday morning that looked at several topics involving working mothers, including how to negotiate for benefits and pay.

That article accompanied a very comprehensive feature story by Amy Joyce, “After a Baby, Full Time or Part?”

Before the birth of her now 9-month-old son, Sam, Joyce wrote the Life at Work column in the business section of the Washington Post. Now after returning from maternity leave, she is an editor for the Weekend section.  She writes:

“The job allows me to work more predictable hours than I did as a daily reporter with a weekly column. That helped me easily make the decision (for now, at least) to work full time.”

Then Joyce adds:

“But the decision isn’t so easy for many women. For those who have a choice, family, finances and career success are all major considerations when settling on a work schedule.”

This is the second consecutive week that The Washington Post has printed a comprehensive article on work-life issues.

by Rob Jewell corporatevoices-128.jpg