Deloitte, one of our partner companies, has released its 2008 Ethics & Workplace survey. And one key finding: transparency and openness by leadership lead to a more productive and engaging workplace.

Here’s part of the announcement about the survey results:

Transparency in the workplace, as described by an open and honest communication channel between employees and leadership regarding work-life issues, has a significant positive impact on workplace culture overall.

While continuing to make the transition to Corporate Voices, one of the courses I teach at Kent State University is Ethics and Issues in Mass Communication. We talk a lot about transparency and about communicating openly and honestly. That applies to the news media. It also applies to organizations. It’s interesting to me to see that Deloitte is looking at these issues from the standpoint of management — and how to create and maintain a work environment that meets the needs of both employees and the organization.

Here’s another part of the announcement:

“Today’s workforce demands a more ‘customized’ career path and a tremendous amount of flexibility,” said Sharon L. Allen, Chairman of the Board, Deloitte LLP. “One size fits all no longer attracts or retains the best talent. By promoting open and honest communications across organizations and setting the tone at the top, our survey tells us that the workforce of today can be motivated in different ways. This is increasingly critical to retaining talent and preserving the health of today’s organization.”

Honest and open communications. Those really are keys to engaging employees — and to the success of an organization.

by Rob Jewell