Check out Kathie Lingle’s Work-Life Blog. She has an excellent post on the Corporate Voices’ Best of Congress award. But as Kathie points out, it is not only about the award and the recognition of members of Congress from both political parties. It’s about calling attention to work-life issues.

Here is her take on the “long-awaited Best of Congress.”

But here’s the shocker, which is really the best part of this award — to become a finalist, these legislators have to jump through not one, but two hoops. It goes without saying that they must have supported families by drafting, sponsoring and voting for appropriate legislation. But they also have to demonstrate that they actually practice what they preach in the family-friendly practices and policies they implement with their own staff. Even though this is the federal government, it is news to me that every individual member of Congress apparently establishes their own people policies, including pay, leaves, time off and flexibility practices. Now, you and I have watched enough action-packed episodes of West Wing to appreciate that workplace flexibility and generous leave policies are hardly the top priority on busy legislators’ agendas.

by Rob Jewell