Tony Wagner’s keynote talk highlighted the second day of the annual meeting of Corporate Voices for Working Families in Washington September 9. Wagner sparked an enthusiastic discussion by reviewing key points from his new book, “The Global Achievement Gap.”

Wagner is co-director of the Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Wagner’s an expert on the crisis facing our education system — and the implications it has for young people, the competitiveness of American businesses and the very future of our nation. A former high school teacher, he brings to the debate the perspective of someone who has been in the classroom and someone who has devoted a career to strengthening our schools.

His book explores this key idea: “Why even our best schools don’t teach the new survival skills our children need — and what we can do about it.”

He challenged the business community to “get clear about what skills you want high school graduates to have.” And he encouraged businesses to speak with one voice on critical skills.

“The Global Achievement Gap” is a book well worth reading. And Wagner’s key points serve as a call to action for the business community and others.

Photo highlights of Corporate Voices annual meeting are available by clicking on “more photos” above.


by Rob Jewell