If you want to gain some great perspective on how the Obama and McCain campaigns are approaching work life policy issues, check out the information now available on the Families and Work Institute website.

On Sept. 16, Ellen Galinsky, FWI president and co-founder, talked with Obama campaign policy advisor Karen Kornbluh. On Sept. 24, Ellen talked with McCain policy advisors Wendy Grubbs, Jay Khosla and John Bash.

The advisors for the two campaigns addressed issues ranging from sick leave to health care to early education and child care. The discussions were informative and insightful.


For the entire discussions see, notes from the calls and Ellen Galinsky’s background call to action, Work Life: Moving from the Personal to the Political.


“We consider it very significant that both campaigns have taken work life issues seriously,” said Ellen Galinsky.  “This is the first ever Presidential campaign in which both nominees have formally articulated their positions in this arena.  Despite the fact that thousands of working families asked that these questions be posed in the national debates, these requests have been ignored. These Institute calls provide working families a welcome opportunity to hear how the candidates would address their issues.  While much has been written about how the candidates manage their own work and family lives, these calls move us from their personal to their policy stands on these issues.”  


By Rob Jewell