More and more companies are finding that telecommuting is good for business.

This story from BusinessWeek features multiple companies, ranging in size and number of employees, that offer forms of telecommuting to staff. It says telecommuting lowers overhead, raises productivity and makes for happy employees, and offers suggestions on how to start implementing telecommuting techniques in the office.

According to the author:

The number of people working away from the office at least once a month has been growing at 10% annually for several years and will hit 35 million workers this year. And about 12% of employees at companies with 21-100 people sometimes work remotely. (from a WorldatWork report)

A 2008 study by Robert Half International found that telecommuting and flexible schedules were the third most important incentives when attracting new hires.

A report done by Corporate Voices for Working Families says the positive impacts of flexibility in business can be summarized under three headings: talent management, human capital outcomes and financial performance/operational and business outcomes. For view this report and others on flexibility, please visit the Corporate Voices website.

By Allison Tomei