Cathy Benko, vice chairwoman and chief talent officer for Deloitte L.L.P. wrote a New York Times story about the changing corporate workforce. Specifically, how the organizational framework has migrated from a “ladder,” in which the employees climb as they gain authority, to a “lattice,” which accounts for lateral moves and specific employee’s needs.

She says:

“That is because, in two short generations, the face of the corporate work force has been transformed, partly by the presence of more women and aging baby boomers in the work force, the arrival of Generation Y and workers’ changing attitudes.”

The “Corporate Lattice,” that was fashioned and put into effect at Deloitte L.L.P. and provides a framework for organizations and their people to know their options, make choices and agree on trade-offs in four career dimensions — pace, workload, location/schedule and role — ensuring that value is created for both employer and employee. It encourages adaptability and a longer view.

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By Allison Tomei