An article in Sunday’s New York Times, confirmed that the hardships of the gathering recession in the U.S. is sweeping down to hurt the working poor and young job seekers most of all. Economists are also saying that the outlook for youths and low-skilled workers in coming months is bleak, with the industries most apt to employ them, taking steep dives.

“A kind of domino effect is beginning to squeeze out the least skilled or experienced workers– those already at the bottom of the ladder– who are settling for part-time employment and fewer hours if they can find work at all.”

Corporate Voices for Working Families has developed a set of guidelines recommending alternative pathways legislation to support vulnerable segments of the population. Supporting alternative pathways would provide skilled entry-level talent to businesses and address the current dropout crisis. To read more about alternative pathways and the policy recommendations, please visit the Corporate Voices web site.

By Allison Tomei