Corporate Voices for Working Families’ partner company KPMG is featured in an informative article that examines how flexible work schedules can enhance productivity and employee retention. Here’s from the article, “How A Flexible Work Schedule Can Help You Strike The Balance“:

Flexible scheduling allows employees to adjust the time or place their work is completed. It can mean compressing 40 hours into four days, starting and ending workdays at different times, or doing some of your work at home. The reason may be as simple as wanting to better manage a long commute. Some parents choose to arrive at work later so they can take their children to school. Some companies may offer these options to retain female employees who might consider leaving their jobs after having children.

So far, the program has been so popular at KPMG that an estimated 50% of its employees take part. But there’s more to it than just announcing policies–[Tammy] Hunter  [a tax partner at KPMG] insists the approach must be top-down, with managers actively supporting participation. She not only maintains a flexible schedule but encourages her employees to follow her lead. 

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