Following the successful release of our Workplace Lactation Toolkit, Corporate Voices for Working Families continues to search for thriving lactation policies in both the public and private sectors. The laws of several U.S. territories caught our attention.

Puerto Rico has enacted legislation to protect breastfeeding mothers at the workplace and in various public spaces. Mothers have the opportunity to breastfeed for half an hour during a full-time working day for up to one year. Shopping malls, airports, government buildings and other locations must have an area designed for breastfeeding and diaper changing that is not a bathroom. Breastfeeding mothers are exempt from jury duty. Puerto Rico has dedicated August as “Breastfeeding Awareness Month.”

The Virgin Islands have exempted breastfeeding from their public indecency laws. Mothers have the option to breastfeed in any public or private place.

A copy of the Workplace Lactation Toolkit can be found on our Corporate Voices website.

By Jennifer Weber