An article published in Human Resource Executive Magazine highlights the most valued skill to have in the workplace as critical thinking. In today’s economy, success is reached through “making the right decisions, solving the problems that … impede success and anticipating the [upcoming] trends.” The Department of Labor identifies critical thinking as the fundamental factor to workplace competency despite its weak presence in new potential employees.

The article points to Are They Really Ready to Work?, a study conducted by Corporate Voices along with several other organizations, for comprehensive research regarding the skills of individuals entering the workforce.  One major finding of the study was that businesses see critical thinking as one of the most important skills needed to have success in one’s career. The study predicts that in the next five years, critical thinking will become an even more vital skill which needs to be mastered to achieve true success. The need for innovative thinkers has proposed many businesses and organizations to develop training programs which increase decision making, problem solving and strategic thinking. The article goes into detail as to what steps a company should take to train future employees for business.

By Kaitlin Herbert