October is National Work & Family Month. Corporate Voices for Working Families is going to use this as an opportunity to highlight our research and advocacy on work-life issues and to share the perspectives of others.

First up, a post on The Huffington Post by Kathie Lingle, Executive Director of the Alliance for Work-Life Progress, an affiliate of WorldatWork. Here’s from her post, titled “Seven Ways You Can Win the Battle to Control Your Own Life“:

This October is National Work & Family Month, unanimously approved by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008. Everyone who works – employers and employees – should use this annual opportunity to re-commit to winning the battle of balance. Workers should use this time to take steps to strengthen their physical, mental and financial health. Companies, meanwhile, should take stock of their management strategies in order to maintain productivity and alleviate the burden on their employees.

In the business environment, work-life effectiveness success is defined by measurable gains across seven clusters of people practices known as the work-life portfolio. 20 years of empirical research shows that an investment in any one of them provides a positive return, just like a financial portfolio, and investment in most or all of them yields a cumulative effect that all stakeholders prize: a more productive, engaged and healthier workforce. Ask any “employer of choice”–they know that the strongest weapon for this battlefield is a flexible leadership philosophy, but full battle gear requires a lot more than flexibility.

Here’s a link to a number of publications and toolkits produced by Corporate Voices on flexible work options and other work-life issues.

The material includes the research study we released in May, “Innovative Workplace Flexibility Options for Hourly Workers.”

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