Corporate Voices for Working Families is featured in a recent article on titled “Human Resources: Targeted Workers Create Opportunity.”

The article focuses on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit that was expanded as part of the economic stimulus package to include “disabled veterans and disconnected youth.”

Corporate Voices for Working Families played a key role in ensuring that disconnected youth were included in the economic stimulus package. And we did this work in concert with several of our partner companies including Marriott International, TJX, CVS Caremark, and KPMG, and in coalition with strategic outreach partners including the Community Service Society of New York, Jobs for the Future, Year-Up and STRIVE.

Here’s a section of the article, with perspective from Elyse Rosenblum, Corporate Voices Vice President of Workforce Readiness, Research and Policy.

Employers looking at WOTC candidates must understand that they are a work in progress. Though enthusiastic, WOTC candidates often have either been out of the workforce for a long time, or have never been in the workforce. They often lack the specific skills, work experience and the educational attainment of other applicants in the general workforce, says Elyse Rosenblum, vice president of workforce readiness, research, and policy at Corporate Voices for Working Families, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit advocacy group.

Rosenblum says WOTC candidates have to fight stereotypes that they are unmotivated, untrainable, and unreliable. “That is really at the heart of the issue, that there are perceptions around this population that are quite negative,” she says. “You have to anticipate that they will bring with them some additional training and support needs. That is why this tax credit is in place. It is a recognition both of the risk that employers are taking and that it takes some extra effort to help them be successful.”

Additional information, publications and research studies on a host of workforce readiness issues are available on the Corporate Voices Web site.

And we expect to prepare and distribute soon a resource guide to help employers take full advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit as it applies to disconnected youth.