A post by Donna Klein — “How We Have Failed Working Families, And What We Can Do About It” — appears on The Huffington Post today.

The post is part of an ongoing series focusing on various issues during National Work & Family Month in October.

Here’s from Donna’s post:

Working families — from all socio-economic classes — are the keystone of our nation’s economic prosperity and competitiveness. Yet as a nation we have failed working families because public and corporate policy have not mirrored their needs or the world in which they now live and work.

Work & Family Month presents a opportunity for all of us to consider the need for a new ethic of shared responsibility — between the public and private sectors — and launch a bold, new vision for supporting the lives of all working families so that they can continue to drive the competitiveness of American businesses in the 21st century.

Publications, research studies and toolkits on a host of work/life and work and family balance issues are available on the Corporate Voices Web site.