October is National Work & Family Month. And throughout the month we have been looking at various issues involving working families and work and family balance. Here’s an article on The Huffington Post by Diane Burrus, “The Growing Burden of Workloads in the Workplace.”

Diane is Senior Consultant for WFD Consulting, and Workplace Flexibility, Team Effectiveness Practice Leader. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Escalating workload is an issue facing all of us, as individuals, managers, and employers, and it’s getting worse in this challenging economic environment. The stress is building for employees lucky enough to have a job, who are putting in longer hours, having to do more with less, and under increased pressure to perform. As we celebrate National Work and Family Month, it’s important to consider how to begin tackling workload, which is the biggest barrier facing organizations that are committed to workplace flexibility and work-life effectiveness as a win/win business strategy.

And here’s the post by Donna Klein — “How We Have Failed Working Families, And What We Can Do About It” – that appears on The Huffington Post in conjunction with National Work & Family Month.

Publications, research studies and toolkits on a host of work/life and work and family balance issues are available on the Corporate Voices Web site.