Donna Klein is featured as a “Thought Leader” by Working Mother magazine on its Web site. Donna’s post is titled “Getting Managers to Say Yes to Flex.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Here are some tips from a comprehensive study of flexible work options conducted by Corporate Voices in conjunction with WFD Consulting:

  • Describe your proposed flexible work arrangement. Be as specific as possible.
  • Consider your job performance objectives. How will your proposed flexible work arrangement change your ability to meet those objectives?
  • Think about how you currently approach your job. Who do you communicate with and how often? What deadlines do you have?
  • Document how you will accomplish your job responsibilities and objectives on your proposed flexible work arrangement.
  • Consider potential challenges your flexible work arrangement might raise for your co-workers, manager(s) and customers/clients. What are some potential solutions to these challenges?
  • Develop clear and measurable goals/or milestones for success.
  • Describe any additional equipment/expenses that your proposed flexible work arrangement might require.
  • Describe any short- or long-term costs savings for the organization that might result from your new flexible work schedule.
  • When starting a conversation with your manager about a flexible work arrangement:
  • Arrange a specific time to talk – rather than mentioning your interest in a flexible work arrangement in passing.
  • Remember that this is flexibility! Remain flexible and be willing to make changes that meet business needs.
  • And when approaching your manager about a flexible work arrangement, always consider that this is a win-win situation – for you and for the organization.