October – National Work & Family Month – gives us an opportunity to discuss a variety of workplace issues affecting families. The importance of vacation time is the subject of a recent article on The Huffington Post.  In “Vacations – Who Needs Them?” Judi Casey explores both the health and productivity benefits of vacation time for workers and the value in employers making paid vacation available and encouraging its use.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Vacations — who needs them? We all do! What is it going to take to move us from a nation of overworked, unhealthy, stressed out Americans with no time to relax, explore our passions or engage with our families? Of course, we have to start by taking care of ourselves as much as that is realistic given our financial and employment situations these days. We definitely need to prioritize taking vacation time, but this can’t just be an individual responsibility. Supervisors and managers have to support our efforts to take a vacation, so we can return to work as more productive and healthier contributors.

Employers have to support the use — not just the availability — of vacation time. This requires changing the culture of the workplace and moving our thinking from vacation as a burden for the work team and for the organization to an opportunity for employees to recharge so they’ll return to work more creative and engaged.

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By Allison Porton