Without question, the Great Recession has touched lives throughout this country through job losses — and the Obama administration is planning to renew the focus on employment and jobs creation at a jobs summit now scheduled for Dec. 3. At the same time, employees and employers have been addressing issues about careers and work/life balance.

Put members of Gen X — referred to as those 32- to 44-year-olds who are in between the baby boomers and younger workers (Gen Y) — as those having some serious reservations about their careers today and in the years ahead.

Here’s from an Associated Press article — based on a study by Corporate Voices partner company Deloitte — by Martha Irvine that provides some interesting perspective on an important workplace and workforce readiness issue, “Recession intensifies Gen X discontent at work“:

Now, in this latest recession, nearly two-thirds of baby boomer workers, ages 50 to 61, say they might have to push back their retirement, according to a recent survey from Pew Research.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the age spectrum are Gen Yers, who are often cheaper to hire and heralded for their coveted high-tech knowledge, even though many Gen Xers consider themselves just as technologically savvy.

And more:

They’re antsy and edgy, tired of waiting for promotion opportunities at work as their elders put off retirement. A good number of them are just waiting for the economy to pick up so they can hop to the next job, find something more fulfilling and get what they think they deserve. Oh, and they want work-life balance, too.

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