Amidst the current economic downturn, employees are feeling the pinch on their pocketbooks as many employers cut jobs, hours, and benefits in an effort to stay in business. In this grueling economic climate, a new toolkit released by Corporate Voices for Working Families is most welcome for those who are eligible for tax credits and other benefits. Corporate Voices has released its updated 2009 Employer Guide: Educate Your Employees About the Benefits They’ve Earned. The reference guide helps employers inform their employees about the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Medicaid, and state and local benefits.

This is the seventh year that Corporate Voices has updated this guide and made it available to companies in an effort to help low-wage employees take advantage of a host of benefits.

“Employees earn these benefits but many do not know how to take advantage of them because of the complexity of the programs and paperwork involved,” said Donna Klein, Executive Chair and Founder of Corporate Voices for Working Families. “By helping employees claim tax credits and other benefits, companies build trust by making employees aware of valuable resources.”

The employer guide includes information on the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit, Medicaid, State Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Centers. It also includes tips on how employers can talk to employees about tax credits, and guidelines to help employees avoid predatory tax-preparation practices. All of this information is designed to provide employees with guidance on existing services to help them keep more of what they earn.

Corporate Voices also encourages companies and other organizations to re-brand the toolkit and distribute it to their employees or other stakeholders. The toolkit is available for download on the Corporate Voices website, and a limited number of the toolkits are also available by contacting Corporate Voices at: 202-467-8130.

By Yvonne Siu