The landscape of the American workforce has changed dramatically—now more than ever, more workers are caring for children or the elderly, juggling both work and school, or working more than one job to make ends meet. Women now make up half of the labor force, yet most workplaces in this country are based on a work culture created half a century ago.

It’s time for the workplace to start meeting the needs of the 21st century workforce so that working families and businesses can be more productive, more competitive, healthier, and happier.

That’s why Corporate Voices has begun a national workplace flexibility campaign to broaden awareness about the positive business and employee benefits of workplace flexibility. This national campaign was launched at the first-ever White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility in March. Since then, Corporate Voices has formed a Partner Coalition that will expand outreach to businesses to sign our Statement of Support for Expanding Workplace Flexibility and join the campaign.

When they sign the Statement of Support for Expanding Workplace Flexibility, businesses will commit to the following principles:

  • to actively communicate the business imperative for workplace flexibility;
  • to expand flexibility within their own organizations as a tool to advance business results;
  • to support managers in strengthening skills for managing flexibility; and
  • to build workplaces in which flexibility is broadly and equitably implemented and available to employees at every level.

Businesses that sign the Statement automatically become “Business Champions” for flexibility, and will join a select group of best-practice corporate leaders that champion flexibility as a strategy to ensure competitiveness and success in the global economy. They will also be:

  • Recognized by the White House at the end of the campaign,
  • Invited to regional special events promoting workplace flexibility,
  • Featured on Corporate Voices’ website, and
  • Given a “Business Champion” seal acknowledging their status and support of the campaign, in addition to promotional materials.

Research has shown that workplace flexibility policies and practices lead to higher levels of engagement in the workplace, higher productivity, less turnover, and decreased absences. Flexibility practices enable people to better manage both life and work, creating a more productive work-life environment.

In an increasingly competitive global economy, Corporate Voices encourages and applauds businesses that take advantage of the strategic value workplace flexibility holds for recruitment and for talent management.

For an overview of the campaign, updates, FAQs, and more information, see the flexibility campaign website: