Corporate Voices would like to congratulate Workplace Options for joining our workplace flexibility campaign and committing their support for Corporate Voices’ 2010 Statement of Support for Expanding Workplace Flexibility.

Workplace Options joins AOL, Baxter International Inc, Bright Horizons Family Solutions— which signed on last week–and a growing number of businesses that recognize the value of workplace flexibility to working families and to business competitiveness.

Corporate Voices issued a press release on Monday announcing the start of the workplace flexibility campaign, and the website for the campaign is now online at: We are inviting all of our corporate partners to sign our Statement of Support for Expanding Workplace Flexibility and lead the business community in this effort.

When your company signs the Statement, it will become a “Business Champion” for workplace flexibility, and join a cohort of leading best-practice organizations recognizing the positive benefits of flexibility to employers and families. It will be recognized at a high-level meeting at the end of the campaign, will be invited to regional flexibility events around the country, and will receive a workplace flexibility logo and Business Champion seal to place on your company’s website acknowledging this status.

Please send signed Statements of Support to Please email or call Tiffany Westover-Kernan at or 202-467-8133 with any of your questions or comments – this is a priority for Corporate Voices.

For more information about the campaign and how to join, please visit: To keep up-to-date on campaign activities and to participate in discussions on workplace flexibility, please join our Facebook Group.