Congratulations to Donna Klein, Founder, CEO and Executive Chair of Corporate Voices for Working Families. Donna will be recognized by Working Mother Media as one of the “Seven Wonders of the Work-Life World,” at the “100 Best Companies Work-Life Congress” in New York on October 27.

And highlighting her career achievements and the leading role of Corporate Voices in the area of work-life is a recently published interview on The Huffington Post, “Corporate Voices – Defining the Work-Life Field.”

Here’s the introduction to the wide-ranging interview:

As we observe National Work & Family Month this October, working families across the country are struggling to balance the dual demands of work and family. The economy has begun its nascent recovery, however millions are still without jobs, and may be without jobs for years to come. Others find themselves among the growing ranks of the working poor. 2009 census data revealed that more Americans are living in poverty now than at any time since the 1950s. At the same time, young women, minorities, and mature workers are an undeniable force defining the current and future labor market. They are increasingly juggling work with raising children, taking care of families, going to school, retirement, or volunteering in their communities.

Within this context, we see a nation in flux. Amid difficult economic times, we see workers struggling to maintain financial stability and find or keep scarce jobs. We also see a future bright with a young and vibrant workforce with powerful potential. Some say the ability of our nation to harness the potential of all of its workers for our future economic prosperity rests with family-friendly policies that enable workers to balance both work and family obligations. What role, then, do corporate and federal policies play in supporting work-life balance? And how have these policies and practices evolved since the start of the work-life movement?

To answer these questions, Corporate Voices conducted an interview with Donna Klein, a pioneer of the work-life field and CEO and Executive Chair of Corporate Voices for Working Families. Donna built her career at Marriott International, where she spearheaded the first Associate Resource Line (ARL) to help hourly workers manage daily life challenges. The ARL then went on to become the standard for corporate work-life programs. In 2001, she founded Corporate Voices for Working Families, which is now the leading business membership organization representing the corporate perspective on issues involving working families.

Here’s the complete Huffington Post interview.