As the economy continues on its slow road to recovery, now is the time to focus the national dialogue on how to ensure robust, sustainable growth for our future prosperity. Recent news of slow economic growth during the first quarter of 2011 and news that  unemployment in May edged up to 9.1 percent have renewed a sense of urgency to find economic and political  solutions to stimulate growth and job creation.

As President Obama began the week meeting with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council in Durham, NC to discuss initiatives and policies to accelerate hiring across the nation, Corporate Voices will  hold its 2011 Annual Partners Meeting and 10th Anniversary Celebration  in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday June 15-17 to address what best-practice corporate leaders are doing to build a stronger and more competitive workforce.

Corporate Voices’ Annual Meeting comes at a time when many Americans think the business community should take an active part in these issues. Indeed, according to a recent poll commissioned by Workplace Options and conducted by Public Policy Polling in May, 56 percent of working Americans think that the business community has a responsibility to address challenges and issues that affect working families and communities.

Business leaders, policy makers and thought leaders will gather at Corporate Voices’ Annual Meeting to discuss and analyze innovative corporate policies and practices that are shaping the future workforce to help ensure a skilled talent pool–necessary for our future economic competitiveness.  Experts and representatives from leading businesses will address how Learn and Earn talent development models are helping businesses invest in the value of their workforce while also helping people complete their postsecondary education. In fact, Corporate Voices has just published four new case studies documenting the partnerships that the Health Careers Collaborative, PG&E, Walmart and the Western Association of Food Chains have cultivated with community colleges and other education providers to train their workforces and make significant contributions to postsecondary education completion.

Speakers at Corporate Voices’ Annual Meeting will also discuss how companies are creating new pathways to employment for young people and “untapped talent” on a panel titled, “Enterprising Pathways to Work.” This issue is increasingly important to the American public, as the Public Policy Poll indicated that 59 percent of Americans would buy from a business that did more to help disadvantaged young Americans.

The Annual Meeting will also feature a bi-partisan Congressional Briefing on Wednesday where Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Congressman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-CA, 25) will give keynote remarks. The briefing will create an opportunity to address how public policy can support innovations in the private and non-profit sectors to build a stronger and more competitive workforce. It will also address how we can harness corporate best practices to support talent development and college completion.

At a private White House briefing on Thursday, White House staff will discuss critical issues to the nation’s future growth, such as workforce readiness, education and workplace flexibility.

We will provide blog coverage of topics discussed after the annual meeting, with analysis of how private sector innovations in workforce development and work-life balance are helping to improve the quality of life for working families, and how they are contributing to America’s sustainable recovery.

Corporate Voices’ 2011 Annual Meeting and 10th Anniversary Celebration was made possible by the following sponsors:


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