By Dorian Friedman

Corporate Voices is proud to have contributed two important chapters to a new thought-leadership anthology on workforce management issues, published this week by our friends at The Workforce Institute at Kronos.

Elements of Successful Organizations: Achieving Strong Leadership, Smart Management, and an Engaged Workforce, is a rich collection of articles by some of the nation’s most distinguished human capital management practitioners. The book looks at the similarities that successful organizations share and provides actionable advice on how to replicate this success.

In three complementary sections—Strong Leadership, Smart Management, and Engaged Employees—authors were asked to tap into their own experience to deliver anecdotes and advice on how to achieve success.  Kronos looked to Corporate Voices for our expertise on workplace flexibility and workforce readiness issues to round out the chapter on Engaged Employees.

  • In a chapter on Innovative Workplace Flexibility and Scheduling, Donna Klein of Corporate Voices joins Amy Richman of WFD Consulting in an eloquent argument for work/family balance as a talent management strategy.  “Progressive personnel policies and a work culture that supports occasional flexibility and gives workers…more control over their work schedules…are powerful drivers of business success,” they assert, and offer an impressive array of research findings from their two organizations and others to support the case.
  • And in a chapter on Business and Education Partnerships: Creating Pathways to Employment, John-Anthony Meza of Corporate Voices lays out an equally compelling imperative for American companies to collaborate with schools and community colleges to support their employees. Notwithstanding the nation’s economic challenges, he writes, forward-looking employers “recognize the value of investing today to shape the best possible workforce of tomorrow.”  By embracing innovative partnerships with educational institutions, these companies can “provide a new generation of workers the immeasurable value associated with higher education, a rewarding career, and the skills they will need to thrive in the uncertain global economy of the future”—all while serving their bottom-line business needs and earning a measurable return on the investment.

We thank Joyce Maroney, the anthology’s editor, and our partners at Kronos for their commitment to these important issues, and for inviting us to share Corporate Voices’ unique perspective.  (We thank them as well for their very generous plug of our work in the book’s introduction!)  Elements of Successful Organizations is available on for $21.95.