Health Careers CollaborativeFor more than a decade, Corporate Voices has provided leading best-practice employers a forum to improve the lives of working families, while strengthening our nation’s economy.  Many employers accomplish this by supporting the educational attainment of current and future employees.  In order to ensure that individuals have the skills to succeed in the workplace and are on education and career pathways to earning family sustaining wages, employers often partner with community colleges in Learn and Earn models of talent development.

Each week, in an effort to highlight these best practice models, Corporate Voices will spotlight a distinct Learn and Earn partnership between a business and community college. This week, we are pleased to highlight the Health Careers Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati.

The Health Careers Collaborative (HCC) of Greater Cincinnati is a business-led consortium providing area hospitals with skilled, credentialed, loyal and diverse workers, while providing entry-level workers with educational opportunities tied to career mobility.  At the consortium’s foundation is a partnership between Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and local healthcare employers, including UC Health, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and TriHealth. HCC successfully created a career pathway with multiple entrance and exit points for incumbent, low-skilled and entry-level hospital workers to advance. The pathway also allows for unemployed and disadvantaged individuals to complete education and training programs that will position them to fill vacancies at the entry-level as incumbent workers advance.

To date, 3,000 credentials have been earned by participants, and one employer calculated an 11.9% return on investment for its participation in the collaborative.  The key to this successful model, according to the employers, is that it is business-led and that the community college and community organizations are willing and trustworthy partners.

On Wednesday, February 22, U.S. Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis and Dr. Jill Biden visited HCC as part of a three-day “Community College to Career” bus tour to highlight innovative industry initiatives that are helping train students with the skills they need to meet area workforce needs. The bus tour and visit to HCC follow President Obama’s recent announcement of an $8 billion Community College to Career Fund, co-administered by the Department of Labor and Department of Education,which will help forge new partnerships between community colleges and businesses to train two million workers with skills that will lead directly to jobs.

For more information on HCC, please read the Learn and Earn micro-business case, or check Corporate Voices’ most recent tool,Business and Community College Partnerships: A Blueprint.